who we are

TDSA is a community of Texans who share a passion for hand-crafted local Texas spirits. Our members are made up of holders of distilled spirits manufacturers’ licenses, companies whom share a common interest with distilled spirits and individuals that enjoy distilled spirits, all of whom share a common goal: to continue growing the Texas distilled spirits community.

TDSA has something to offer for all Texans. Whether you’re a passionate entrepreneur looking for advice to start or take your craft spirit to the next level, an established craft spirit distiller looking for access to unique vendors, or you simply enjoy celebrating and spreading the word about Texas hand-crafted spirits, you are the key to ensuring the future of the Texas distilled spirits community.

There is strength in numbers and as members of the TDSA community; we are greater together than as individuals. Join us today!

our history

When the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) issued the first distiller permit in 1995, a new industry of Texas hand-crafted distilleries was born. From 1995 to September 2008, only eight distiller licenses were issued by TABC. Today, the industry has boomed as over 160 distillers’ licenses have been issued in Texas.

Because of this rapid growth, distillers realized the need for a unified voice to ensure a successful future for the Texas craft spirits industry. Formed in 2012, the Texas Distilled Spirits Association (TDSA) serves as the official trade association for the Texas distilled spirits community.


The mission of TDSA is to grow the market for Texas spirits through education, marketing and regulatory influence. As a member of TDSA, we work for you to ensure the Texas craft distilleries’ best interests are served.

    • Governmental Affairs: Texas craft distilleries and other small businesses are the epicenter of our state’s economy and must have relentless advocates in the State Capitol. Through TDSA’s relationships with state legislators, associations, state agencies and organizations that work closely with our community, TDSA is the only Texas distilled spirits voice that works with our state government decision-makers while informing the TDSA membership on new laws and agency rules.

    • Education: As the only voice of Texas distillers, TDSA is the “go-to” association for information about the distilling community. Through public outreach, TDSA creates greater knowledge, awareness and benefits of hand-crafted Texas spirits. Internally, our members are a community of proud entrepreneurs with a passion for the art of hand-crafting spirits who willingly share ideas to help launch, grow and sustain their livelihoods.

    • Marketing: The Texas craft spirits brand is unique in meeting high standards, carefully hand-crafting each product. TDSA works to grow the distilled spirits market through events and partnerships with associations and organizations at retail stores, on premise establishments, end consumers and the media – ultimately raising awareness of each individual hand-crafted spirit.

    • Regulatory Influence: A unified voice from all Texas distillers is critical to a successful future for the distilled spirits industry in the Lone Star State. TDSA provides that voice while monitoring and providing input with the Texas Legislature and TABC for licensing, regulatory affairs and laws that affect our industry.

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