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SB 525 - Bottle Bill 
- (86 - 2019)
Author: Sen. Dawn Buckingham

Senator Dawn Buckingham (R, Lakeway) has filed SB 525 which, if passed, will expand the two-bottle per-person off-premise sale limit to two bottles per product manufactured at the distillery. Expanding the number of bottles sold at distilleries to will help distillers build and market their products.

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HB 1608 - Festival Bill
 - (86 - 2019)

Author: Rep. Diego Bernal

Representative Diego Bernal (D, San Antonio) filed HB 1608 which creates a distillery festival permit. If HB 1608 passes, a distiller will be able to sell distilled spirits at a civic or alcoholic beverage festival, farmers’ market, celebration or similar event. Sen. Buckingham filed SB 930, the companion to the House bill.

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HB 1997 - Sampling of Spirits Bill (86 - 2019)

Author: Rep. Charlie Geren

Representative Charlie Geren (R, Fort Worth) filed HB 1997 which expands a distiller’s ability to provide samples and market his/her own products. If passed, this bill will allow a distiller to provide a sample of a distilled spirit to a retailer that has not previously purchased the brand. The distiller will not be able to provide a retail establishment with more than one 750ml bottle of the distilled spirit.

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HB 3063 - Tastings Bill - (85 - 2017)

Author: Rep. Kyle Kacal

This bill would allow distilleries the opportunity to bring in their own product for tasting and sampling marketing events at package stores, bars and restaurants. 

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HB 2278 - Solicitation Bill - (85 - 2017)

Author: Rep. Larry Phillips

This bill removes the mandatory distributor presence at new business solicitations for distillers. This will allow small distillers the opportunity to market their products to new venues without the time constraints of their distributors time. 

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SB 734 - Bottles Sales at the Distillery - (85 - 2017)

Author: Sen. Kelly Hancock

This legislation will allow a Texas distiller to sell up to two 750 mL commemorative bottles per product that the distiller produces, up to six bottles, per consumer, per 30 days, while continuing to observe the 3,500 annual gallon limit. 

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HB 408 – Festival Bill - (85 - 2017)

Author: Rep. Drew Springer

Under current law wineries are allowed to apply for festival permits at TABC to participate and sale products at festival. This legislation would create a new distillery festival permit that would give distillers the right to market and sell spirits at festivals .

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